Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland

As a Texas girl, summers in Turkey were not a concern to me moving over here (you call 40 degree C hot?!).  I was worried about the winter - with no car, no seat warmers (I definitely miss these on rainy days) and only our radiators to keep us warm inside!

In true Urban winter fashion, the last few weeks have been cold and rainy - the worst kind of winter weather.  Poor Belle probably misses the outdoors because on these kind of days I venture out only when she needs to go.

This week though, much to my surprise, we got a special treat - SNOW! Not just once, but twice! From what I have heard, snow isn't too frequent in Istanbul and doesn't stick (sounds a lot like Texas, huh?), so this is really something extraordinary.

And to sound completely not like a Texas girl - I liked it.  At least if it's going to be cold, we get something beautiful out of it. 

Snow #1 - daytime snow.  Big beautiful flakes that fell for hours.

Snow #2 - evening snow.  Teeny little flakes that didn't seem like much but accumulated pretty quickly.

Enjoying the beautiful snow while it lasts - before it turns into icky urban slush!


  1. How pretty! And you look so warm and cozy in your snowy picture!!
    Btw, I love the new look of the blog!

    1. Thanks Bonney! When I decided it was too cold for me to be super productive this week, I figured it was a great time to re-vamp the site :)

  2. So Jealous. It seems everyone got Snow over the past week except Adana. Even my nephews in Antakya got to make snowmen last weekend!

  3. Like you said, it probably all turned into urban slush but it certainly looked pretty as it was falling from what I can see in your photos. Never seen Istanbul under snow - it's an ambition. :)