Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I hate to call them resolutions. They are more of goals, or things that would be nice, but no need to really hold myself to it.

I don't have any pretenses that I will complete all of these, therefore it can't be a resolution right?

In 2013, I'm working on a few different things, some self-improvement, some experiences, some just fun.

1. Health - I want to improve my eating and workout habits. First stop is a competition through my work where we try to lower our body age (for example, my body age is older than my actual age). I'll track my eating and cardio through a site and the competition ends in April. I'm hoping to keep up my good habits for a long time following that though!

2. Getting around London - we have been a bit of homebodies since moving to London, which has been nice to settle in, relax, feel at home here. But now I'm read and rearing to go try out new restaurants and places. One a week is doable, right? We're starting in our hood and then expanding out.

3. Getting out of London - last year our goal was to travel to 10 new places, which we just eeked by with 11 new places. This year I'm hoping for the same. Our first trip on the books is for March, but perhaps we'll get a surprise trip in between now and then.

I'll take suggestions on 2 & 3 (1 too for that matter)!!

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  1. A great New Years resolution The Windsor Castle I have tried and the food was pretty good for a pub. It is very British and nice that an old pub is still going Lucy