Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our First Visitor

After Christmas, my sister Jenny was able to come to Turkey for almost two weeks - making her our first visitor!

We loved having her here. The weather was working against us (cold, although not too cold for January, and rainy for quite a few days).  However, we still were able to get out for some leisurely sight seeing.  We were able to see just about all the sites in Istanbul and had a weekend trip (see this post) to the Gallipoli peninsula.

A few highlights from her visit:
  1. Visiting the Grand Bazaar - apparently Jenny or I look like Lady GaGa according to one Turkish person.  I will also say that Jenny is quite the bargainer (at least compared to me - I always leave whenever Paul starts bargaining!)
  2. Topkapi Palace - I had not visited here yet, it was beautiful.  I can only imagine it in the summer with all the flowers blooming.  However, after waiting in line in the winter, I think I will leave it to the tourists in the summer! Oh, Jenny also met a friend on a shop nearby who wanted her to move to Turkey and be his girlfriend (or something like that!)
  3. Gallipoli Peninsula - Jenny was our heroic driver throughout Turkey.  At least she can mark it off her bucket list and she wasn't afraid to honk like a true Turk.
  4. Food - we fed Jenny Turkish food til she (okay, maybe it was me) was tired out of doners, kebaps, fish (for Jenny and Paul) and Efes.

Here are a few pictures from her visit - we can't wait to have her back in the summer so that she can get some Turkish sun!

 Cisterns across from Aya Sofia - definitely need a tripod to get good pictures here

 The courtyard at the Blue Mosque

 On the ferry back from Troy, crossing from the Asian to the European side of Turkey

 Follow the signs to Istanbul!

 Self portrait - pretty tiles at Topkapi Palace

 Bosphorous cruise - one of the bridges to cross the Bosphorous in the background

 Drinking mint lemonade at House Cafe - one of my favorites


  1. I was just in Istanbul last week to visit all the grand sites again. I think you can never tire of visiting them. Jenny looks like she had a great time as well

    1. Hi Natalie - yes, I think I could visit the Blue Mosque hundreds of times and still be awed. I will have to scan your blog for your favorites! Hope you enjoyed your time in Istanbul despite the cold weather.