Friday, April 27, 2012

Bond, James Bond

Who is your favorite James Bond? Personally, I always have to say Pierce Brosnan because of his dashing good looks, charm and now the fact that he was also in Mamma Mia.

This is slightly besides the point to this blog post.  Growing up, I probably saw almost every James Bond movie and in the last couple of years, Paul and I did a catch up on them - watching them all in chronological order.

And at some point in all those years, I failed to notice, or remember more recently that "From Russia with Love" was filmed right here in Istanbul.

Sometime soon, the new Daniel Craig Bond flick will be coming to audiences near you. The exciting part of this and reason for this whole post?!  It is being filmed here in Istanbul yet again!

I had heard of this a few months ago and assumed they had already wrapped the filming.  However, Paul took a trip to the Bazaar the other day for an errand and ran smack dab into their set.  Don't get your hopes up, he didn't actually make it on set or the movie as a background extra, but he got to catch everybody on their smoke break and sneak a peek at the set-up.

Apparently there is some motorcycle stunt scenes being filmed here and other places in Istanbul. Read here about an accident

So here's some then and now:

From Russia with Love

 Scaffolding for the cameras and crew at the bazaar (above and below)

 The motorcycles! Definitely a sneak picture from Paul's Blackberry, but maybe we will be able to recognize them in the flick

James Bond Skyfall - coming to theatres November 2012

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