Friday, November 23, 2012

Teatime + Happy Hour in London

Brits love their tea. Turks love their tea too, but it's different in London.

In Turkey, it was a casual, post meal, welcome to my home, relaxed kind of tea. Here it's almost an art. There's high tea, with scones and pastries, and lots of fancy types of tea, from breakfast tea, Earl grey and my favorite, peppermint.

Last weekend, I tried a new type of tea. We went to the Dorchester for a last hoorah for my colleagues and to have a few cocktails.

Pinkies up!

The famous cocktail to try? Her Majesty's Cup. And besides being a cocktail, it of course includes tea in the drink.

It's made up of gin, Earl Grey, champagne, and fruits like raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb (Side note: yes, I had to google rhubarb. Am I crazy? I definitely thought those things were apples in my drink). Oh yes, plus it's poured out of a tea pot into tea cups with a nice stem added for easier cocktail sipping. Despite the gin, which I have always said I detest, it was delightful. One tea pot includes two tea cups worth of drinks, so grab a friend, or keep it all to yourself!

Cocktail tea cups
Drink and snack in one

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