Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rome by Night

Everyone loves taking photos during the day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, everyone is happy. But come nightfall, the lens caps go on and the cameras slink back into their purses, bags and backpacks.

However, over the last couple of months, I have decided I love night photography. It all started with our midnight segway tour in St. Petersburg. Sure, I need a good tri-pod to make mine a little prettier and a lot less blurry in many instances.

Nighttime photos just seem to have a little je ne sais quoi - everything seems a little nicer, a little cleaner, a little more romantic.

This was certainly true in Rome. In our first night in the city, we had to explore in the dark and it was my favorite time in the city. It's when the atmosphere picks up and that fantastic European practice of relaxing on street cafes picks up. Plus, at night, you don't have to fight off the other tourists for that perfect shot.

Here's the best of Rome by night:

Parthenon - I love slow shutter speeds when there is movement.
You have the unmoving object and the funny blurry people
walking by.

Piazza Navona

Trevi Fountain - water is lovely lit up at night

National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II - has lots of
lighting, almost looks like day with the green grass

Colosseum - biggest challenge? Finding a good spot
without all the spectators! Even at night, there
were lots of visitors and street 'salesmen' here.

Curious to try it? Many cameras have a night setting, but beware! This setting usually uses flash. In my (very very amateur experience), this is best without flash. So, pull out the tripod, find a place to set your camera, or do as I do and use your husband/friends shoulder as a make shift tripod. Hopefully you'll capture something frame worthy.


  1. Beautiful pictures! We have no idea how to use our fancy camera - you've inspired me to get it out and give it another shot!

    1. You definitely should Bonney! I took a course that met once a week for a month or 6 weeks to learn the basic of my SLR camera when I first got it. I just found it through the community college and Arlington and was so happy that I did!