Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mutlu Sevgililer Günü

One of the most difficult things about moving to Turkey for me has been the language barrier.  Talking to people at my apartment, the grocery store, the park, restaurants, can sometimes be a struggle since I do not yet have a grasp on the Turkish language and not as many people as you think speak English here.

The most unusual difficulty with language that I continue to experience is online though.  This great thing called the internet is so smart, that it can actually tell where you are located.  Great for most people, except for those of us who want the internet to be in English, not Turkish! Everything from my google search results to ads I see on pages are in Turkish.

Sometimes though, just sometimes, it can help.  As I click on today's fantastic Google doodle, I learn a great new tidbit of Turkish which is good one day out of 365.

Happy Valentine's Day = Mutlu Sevgililer Günü

 Valentine's Day celebrations circa 2007 - and not on Valentine's day because I was a) sick on the actual Valentine's Day and b) protesting Valentine's Day. I think I should get flowers and chocolate everyday. At least in my perfect world I would!

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